About Shakuhachi

About chiku-Shin Shakuhachi

Shawnee Schroeder

At a very young age, Shawnee became interested in building and designing Japanese gardens & koi ponds as well as painting and sketching them.

He was already familiar with the SHAKUHACHI from his father who enjoyed yoga, meditation, and played SHAKUHACHI in a non-traditional way. During painting and sketching, Shawnee would listen to traditional SHAKUHACHI music.

He always was interested in learning how to play the SHAKUHACHI. As he grew up, he stared a business for designing and maintaining gardens and ponds. In his early 20's, he began to make and play the SHAKUHACHI. He visited many workshops to learn and gather informations from different SHAKUHACHI makers.

He also studies how to play classical Honkyoku SHAKUHACHI with his teacher, Bill Shozan Schultz and KAORU KAKIZAKAI. Gradually he became a better player as well as making SHAKUHACHI .

His main focus while making SHAKUHACHI is to make the SHAKUHACHI in a traditional way. Shawnee has a long and passion for all traditional Japanese crafts, which you will find in his SHAKUHACHI.